​​Oncology Esthetics is a very specialized field that is now part of integrated complementary therapies for oncology patients. We are among a minute percentage of estheticians in the US who are trained and certified in this important and life changing concentration.

This field is designed specifically for patients who need a little extra TLC and who have undergone or are presently undergoing oncology treatment. These patients suffer with a number of skin related problems related to chemotherapy, radiation treatment and other therapies. Increasing incidence of skin toxicity and skin reactions are the leading causes of dose interruption, reduction, and discontinuation of treatment, thus impact clinical outcomes for many patients.Although estheticians are not medical practitioners and cannot medically treat skin conditions, Oncology trained therapists can sooth, protect and support dry, thin, fragile, sensitive skin that may even break out. The goal of our treatment would be to restore skin’s integrity so it can withstand the detoxifying process. Skin care treatments offer patients improved blood flow, relaxation, soothing, healing, calming feelings and a caring environment that promotes the production of endorphins. ​

Permanent makeup can ease the distress of chemotherapy by preserving the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes. Patients can be treated as early as one month before chemo-drugs are administered, when their original facial hair is in place, so visible eyebrow and eyelash hair can be enhanced with micro-pigments. Alternatively, upon approval of their physician permanent eyebrow makeup and eyeliner can be applied in the midst of a course of chemotherapy during an off-week when no chemo drugs are administered. Advance approval of your physician is recommended before having permanent makeup applied.

Areola 3-D Tattoo

Most women desire a nipple reconstruction or restoration procedure to complete their breast reconstruction after they have had a mastectomy.

Although nipples created by a plastic surgeon do not have the same sensation or react as natural nipples, they look like natural nipples and can offer women an improved sense of completeness after breast cancer reconstruction surgery.We use a tattoo machine to deposit color into the dermal layer of the skin to tattoo on a nipple-areolar complex. We can do this over a reconstructed nipple to add color to the existing nipple and create a surrounding areolar. We can add color and highlights to an existing reconstructed nipple-areolar complex to add color and highlights for an improved look, and we can also create a 3D nipple tattoo​.

Permanent Makeup

Oncology Skin care